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NameDesignationEmail AddressTelephone
Dr. Jeffrey A. ClarinSUC President 267-5801
(036) 267-6586
Dr. Anna Mae C. RelingoActing Vice-President, 272-7282
Dr. Eleanor F. RosalesActing Vice-President, Academic 267-6776
Prof. Julie Ann A. SalidoActing Vice-President, Research and
Ms. Michelle M. TanSecretary of the University/Board of Regents (On Study Leave) 267-5981
Prof. Jerby J. PaderesOfficer-in-Charge, Office of the BOR 267-5981
Mr. Raymond P. ElitiongOfficer-in-Charge, Office of the University 272-5752
Dr. Angeline G. RegaladoActing Campus Director, 268-3042
Prof. Jerby J. PaderesActing Campus Director, 289-2181
Prof. Francis I. RenacidoActing Campus Director, ASU-New 264-3980
Dr. Amelia T. NavejasActing Campus Director, 276-6304
Dr. Eva R. OrlinaActing Dean, College of Agriculture, Forestry, & Environmental 267-6780
Dr. Arvin Kim A. ArnillaActing Dean, College of Teacher 267-6813
Dr. Napoleon B. Marasigan, IIIActing Dean, College of Business 267-7130
Dr. Donna R. LariosaActing Dean, College of Arts & 267-6566
Ms. Katherine C. VillaranActing Dean, College of Nursing
Prof. Elvi I. TamayoActing Dean, College of Industrial Technology
Dr. Amzi V. MartirezActing Dean, College of Industrial Education
Dr. Chrystler T. OrbienActing Dean, College of Computer Studies
Engr. Neil Samuel G. SamsonActing Dean, College of Engineering and Architecture
Dr. Gloria S. ValenciaActing Dean, School of Veterinary 267-6546
Dr. Remedios M. MarabeActing Director, Finance 267-7159
Dr. Edilberto L. SolidumActing Director, Physical Plant Development 267-6847
Dr. Michael T. IbisateActing Director, Planning and 267-7294
Dr. Melba L. Raga-asActing Director, Research and Development 267-6569
Dr. Nenia N. BohulanoActing Director, Extension and Community 267-5984
Dr. Jolitte A. VillaruzActing Director, Intellectual Property 267-7392
Prof. Ma. Rema B. LauronActing Director, 272-5567
Dr. Christopher D. ToloresActing Director, Business and
Mr. Jeric D. CatalanActing Director, Safety and Security 267-7308
Dr. Jerald Lyn G. LaurenteActing Director, Admissions and
Dr. Marlyn J. BaylosisActing Director, Office of Student Affairs and
Dr. Aphrile L. De AngelActing Director, Curriculum and
Mrs. Rosebel Q. ReyesActing Director, Library
Prof. Reimar R. TinggaActing Director, Information and Communications
Prof. Wella Gem A. SamonteActing Director, Alumni and Public
Dr. Manuel O. MalonisioActing Director, International
Dr. Jolisa H. AngActing Director, Quality 267-6852
Prof. Clarita R. TambongActing Director, Monitoring and 267-6852
Prof. Richard E. DionisioActing Director, National Service Training Program
Prof. RJ A. AmpoyosActing Director, Auxiliary Services
Dr. Ava Mae S. MagallanesActing Director, Training
University Officers
Prof. Rhea V. Martesano-RamosActing Focal Person, Gender and
Atty. Maria Genalyn T. Billones-IbardolazaLegal
Dr. Benedict B. BombaesHead, Internal Audit
Ms. Junah Belle M. RosalesExecutive Assistant