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Directors Profile

Dr. Nenia N. Bohulano is the current director of the Extension and Community Services (ECS) Unit of Aklan State University (ASU) since 2020. At the same time, she is the ECS coordinator for ASU Banga Campus. Prior to this, she was appointed as chairperson for Socio-economic and Extension in 2016.
In 2012, she finished her doctoral studies in Central Luzon State University where she took Doctor of Philosophy in Rural Development. Her dissertation focused on the development stages and outcomes of
tourism in Boracay Island. Her other notable paper titled “Effects of Dietary P:E ratio and Rhizoclonium in two stocking densities on growth and profitability of Nile tilapia in intensive pond culture” was published in The Israeli Journal of Agriculture in 2020. Dr. Bohulano led the comprehensive extension program titled Building Resilient Communities Along Aklan River which was implemented in seven municipalities in Aklan from December 28, 2020 to June 27, 2023 with funding from the Commission on Higher Education. Dr. Bohulano is also an Associate Professor V and a of the faculty member of the College of Agriculture,
Forestry and Environmental Sciences.

Functional Statement

Extension and Community Services (ECS) Unit initiates, catalyzes, and sustains community development by implementing relevant, gender-sensitive services and research-based resources employing expertise from the University, and establishing strategic partnerships with national and global institutions for sustainability.

Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

Excellence in technology management for sustainable development.

Stimulate development through enhancement of knowledge and transfer of technology, skills, attitudes, values and opportunities to reduce poverty and improve community welfare.

Transfer relevant and research-based technologies and gender-responsive services to partner communities.

1. Implement relevant, research-based technologies and gender-responsive services.
2. Institutionalize a sustainable college-based extension program.
3. Establish strategic partnership with regional or global institutions.
4. Enhance the capability of extension personnel.
5. Develop extension program facilities.

News and Updates

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