Aklan State University is the forerunner in the University’s efforts to reach out to people who are in need of knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and opportunities for quality education, sustainable agriculture, enterprise development, health and social welfare.

Projects and Benefeciaries  
National Greening Project
Yolanda Rehabilitation
Agritourism Research, Education, Advocacy, and Training Center
ASU-SNU Partnership for Enhancement of Animal Health Program in Aklan
Barangay Plan of Action for Nutrition for Barangay Muguing, Banga, Aklan

BNHs Teacher's Cooperative towards Economic Sustainability
Eco-Health Agenda Program
Education for Lifelong Human Enhancement (ELHCE)
Empowering Community People towards Gaining Responsibility of their own Health
Engaging Student Organizations Towards Environmental Sustainability (Solid Waste Management and Plant-a-Tree)
Enhancing Support to Law Enforcement Services through Information Technology (IT) Capability Building
Fisheries School on the Air
For Sustained Supply of Quality Vegetables Off-Season High Value Vegetable Crop (HVVC) Production in the Province of Aklan
H.E.L.P. (Hope for Education of the Learners for Progress)
Integrated Extension Development Programs for Katunggan it Ibajay(KII) as Century Old Mangrove Eco-Park
Integration of Rabies Concepts in Classroom Teaching - A Component of the Rabies Free Malay and Boracay Program
Natural Fibers Technology Resource Center
Public-Private School Partners for Quality Education
Service Mobilization through Alternative Relevant Technology (SMART)