Scholarship and Financial Assistance

Scholarship and Financial Program in the University are classified into:

A. Entrance Scholarship

An entrance scholarship consisting of free tuition and free laboratory fee shall be enjoyed for one semester only by the following students upon admission to the institution:

1. Graduates of colleges/universities of recognized standing or accredited Institutions who were conferred any degree as, cum laude or with honors or better.


2. Valedictorian and salutatorian from public/private high schools and vocational school equivalent to high schools. Provided, that said valedictorians/ salutatorians come from graduating classes with an enrolment of at least thirty graduates to be certified by the head of the institution concerned; Provided. Further, that additional scholarships shall be granted to other honor graduates coming from the same class in the order of their rank for every additional fifty graduates or a major fraction thereof; Provided finally, that valedictorians and salutatorians I all the Laboratory High Schools under the University/College shall be extended the privileges of free tuition regardless of the number of members of the graduating class.


B. Institutional Scholarship

1. Full Scholarship consisting of free tuition shall be enjoyed by any undergraduate student who obtains at the end of the semester, an average of “1.5” or better, that the student has no grade lower than 2.25 or its equivalent, renewable for the succeeding semester.

2. A unit or partial scholarship consisting of fifty (50) percent reduction in tuition shall be enjoyed by any undergraduate student who obtains at the end of the semester an average of “1.75” or better, without any grade lower than 2.25 or its equivalent, renewable for the succeeding semester.

C. Government-sponsored Scholarship

1. Study Grant Program for Barangay Officials and their Legitimate Dependents – Pursuant to Batas Pambansa Blg. 337, otherwise known as the Locale Government Code under Section 393, Benefits of Barangay Officials, Punong barangay, the Sangguniang Barangay members, the barangay treasurer and the barangay secretary and their legitimate dependents are given free tuition as form of an aid provided, they meet the requirements of the University. He/she shall avail such educational benefits in a state college or university located in the province or city to which the barangay belongs.

2. Sanguniang Kabataa (SK) Officials Privilege –during their incumbency, Sanguniang Kabataan Officials shall be exempted from payment of tuition and matriculation fee while enrolled in the undergraduate courses of the University. The national government shall reimburse the university the amount of tuition and matriculation fees of the student: Provided that to qualify for the privilege, the college shall be within the area of jurisdiction of said officials.

3. Tulong sa Edukasyong para sa Kabataan ng Aklan (TEKA) – Acceptance and pre-screening of Applicants is done by the Congressional District Office of Aklan and the conduct of final screening of applicants is through the ASU University Entrance Exam as to what course they qualified. Each grantee, enrolled in a 4-year course (8 semesters) is granted educational assistance consisting of three Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (P3,500.00) per semester.

4. Provincial Scholarship – The provincial Scholarship Committee identify the academic scholars for enrolment in any of its academic degree programs chosen by the scholar. The province has three scholarship categories (1) provincial scholarship grantee-full tuition and allowable miscellaneous fee of P 1, 200.00 per semester, (2) Financial Assistance of P5,000.00 per semester and (3) financial assistance of P2,500.00 per semester. Scholarship grantees must furnish the provincial office copy of their enrolment form and copy of grades.

5. Citizen Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC) Scholarship – Provide scholarship to poor but deserving students. CIABC pays the full tuition and miscellaneous fees of the grantee as assessed by the University. The University conducts the pre-screening procedure consisting of but not limited to interview and aptitude examination of the applicants.

6. President Diosdado Macapagal Agrarian Scholarship Program (PDMASP) – is designed to provide qualified dependents of the beneficiaries of the agrarian reform program an opportunity to enroll and complete as agriculture-related college degree course. The program provides free tuition and miscellaneous school fees not exceeding Two Thousand Pesos (P2, 000.00) per semester, a monthly stipend of Eight Hundred Pesos (P800.00) per month and a book allowance of Five Hundred Pesos (P500.00) per semester.

7. The Department of national Defense-Commission on Higher Education-Philippine Association of State Colleges and Universities Scholarship Program. A scholarship program for children of enlisted personnel and of those who die or become incapacitated in line of duty shall be granted scholarship in various educational disciplines with degree such as Engineering, Psychology, Statistics, Medical Technology, Electronics, Computer Science, Economics, Agriculture Fisheries, and Teacher Education with major or area of specialization in Math, Science or Language. Grantees shall be exempted from the payment of tuition and matriculation fees. Four thousand pesos allowance every semester.

8. BFAR Scholarship program – a scholarship program for children of small-scale fisherfolk. The grantees receive free, matriculation, monthly stipend of P2, 500.00, semestral book allowance of P2, 000.00, thesis support of P3,000.00 and a graduation support of P500.00.

9. BS Scholar of DOST-SEI (Science Education Institute) – tuition fee and other school fees not to exceed P 6,000.00.

10. Bukidnon Indigenous Cultural Communities – Recepient must be a member of the Bukidnon ICC’s and is entitled to all rights, be benefits and privileges accorded to Indigenous Peoples under the RA 8371.

11. CHED-One Two One Scholar- Natural born Filipino residing in a Municipality or Town. Belonging to top ten of graduating class of public high school. With family’s combined gross annual income below P3000,00.00. With good moral character. Full tuition fee and P15,000.00 per semester allowance.

12. CHED-Study Now Pay Later- Recipients of the program are given P7,500.00 per semester.

13. Philippine Veterans Affairs Office Scholarship- R.A.65 officers and enlisted me in good standing of the PA and of any recognized and deserving guerilla organization whom took active participation in the residence movement and/or in liberation drive against the enemy who desire to study, shall upon certification of the Chairman of the Philippine Veterans Board, be admitted to any school, college or university or institution fee from tuition or matriculation fees and other school fees. Provided however, that no private schools, college or university or institute can be compelled to accept any number which exceeds twenty per centum of its entire enrolment.

14. Pagkaon Scholars-Poor bu deserving students. Must pass the qualifying examination and interview conducted by DA-Negros Occidental Scholarship committee. Must maintain a grade of 2.5 and better.

15. Kasangga Scholarship Program- acceptance and pre-screening of applicants is done by the Congressional District Office of Aklan and the conduct of the final screening of applicants is through ASU University Admission Test as to what course they qualified. Each grantee, enrolled in a 4-year course (8 semester) is granted educational assistance consisting of Six thousand pesos every semester.

16. ALE Party List-Screening of grantees is done by the ALE Party.


D. Privately-Sponsored Scholarship

1. Godofredo Ramos Foundation, Inc.-Free school fees billed to GPRF as per agreement with the President of ASU.

2. Martinez Scholarship Foundation-Free matriculation and other fees. High school graduate from any government and private school. Must pass the examination to be given. With good moral character.

3. SYNGENTA-Farmers support Team Scholars- Must be a legitimate dependent of an ARB. Must be a high school graduate at the time of application with a general average of at least 80%. Must have passed college admission test given by the State concerned college and universities. Must be in good health and good moral character. Must be single and not be convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude and has no pending cases in court.

4. Toyota Motor Philippines Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Program- The scholars must have a semestral GPA not lower than 80% with no failing grades and no grade below 80%. Must not dropped any subjects nor cancel his enrolment for the period during which he enjoys his scholarship. He must carry the full semestral load as prescribed the scholars department. He must not enjoy any similar financial assistance, grant or scholarship from other external sources. He must not accept any kind of employment while on scholarship, the intent being to require him to devote full time to his studies.

5. Rotary Club of Kalibo Scholarship Foundation, Inc.- Rotary Club of Kalibo, Inc. shall identify the academic scholars it shall sponsors. Free school fees renewable every semester.

6. Municipal Scholarship Program of Mayor Edgar Peralta- Must be a resident of New Washington, Aklan.

2. Grants-In-Aids
The University provides grants-in-aid (special enrolment privilege) to deserving college students. This privilege is renewable every semester, subject to the academic performance of the grantee which is 2.5 or better. Grantees are exempted from the payment of tuition fees.

The following shall be granted enrolment privileges:

a. Members of the ASU Bang, ASU Glee club, and Dance Troupe;

b. Dependent children of ASU plantilla personnel who has served for at least 2 years;

c. Legitimate children of ASU employee who died in the service of the University;

d. Members of the ASU varsity or athletes who have participated in at least the WVRAA or its equivalent;

e. Campus-wide publication editor-in-chief and SSC Presidents are granted free full tuition while section editors are granted half free tuition.