Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


Excellence in Research for Sustainable Development.


Provide opportunity for the faculty and students to conduct intellectual works, develop and promote inter-disciplinary research, and generate creative knowledge and appropriate technologies for the advancement of industries and realization of the vision and mission of the university.


Produce quality research with strong local and international partnerships that are responsive to the diverse needs of society.


Increase research productivity in terms of publication, patent, products, people services, places and partnerships, and policies.

  • Increase utilization of research output by industry
  • Establish a University research center.
  • Produce protectable IPs and IPRs through quality research for technology transfer. 
  • Present research outputs in national and international research fora and symposia 
  • Conduct quality researches that promote public health, gender equality, cultural preservation, environmental integrity, empowerment of communities, policy formulation and development. 
  • Strengthen and expand the robust collaboration with academic, research, and funding institutions.
  • Enhance research capability of the faculty through trainings, graduate studies, project-based collaboration with  national and international research institutes.
  • Conduct researches that could be utilized for instruction, extension programs, and production activities.