The Library was established in 1928 when it was then the Banga Rural High School. Personal book collections of the teachers were put on loan, and newspaper compliments from philanthropists were the first library collection.

In 1960, the Library was transferred in the Related Subjects Building, the first librarian was Ms. Elsie Isagan. She received numerous books and other reading materials from the people of Capiz.

Mrs. Patria Q. Aguilar and Mrs. Elma V. Arda took over as librarians in 1965. The Library was transferred in the ground floor of the Humanities Building. The information sources were divided into the Main Library and the Ruiz Memorial Reading Center where books came mostly from donations of the Ruiz family of California, USA.

Through the the efforts of Dr. Helmar E. Aguilar, the Aklan Agricultural College Superintendent, the school was able to avail of grants in-aid from the United States International Development (USAID) through the Agricultural Education Outreach Project (AEOP) in the amount of 3.5 million pesos for the library-building project. The Groundbreaking ceremony was held on January 1981 and the new library building was inaugurated in 1987. Mrs. Patria Q. Aguilar was the College Librarian III until her retirement in 2001.

In 2001, Ms. Ederlina I. Mateo, was appointed as College Librarian III. During her stewardship a tragic event took place when the Library building was gutted by fire in March 17, 2004 . All library collections were turned to ashes.

The Library launched “Donate a Book” with the theme “Aklat Mong Alay Hatid ay Tagumpay”, “Help Build our Children’s Future Share Your Thoughts Donate Your Books!” A Book to Share… A Life to Care!” The events took place during the celebration of the University Foundation Day and Grand Alumni in April 2004. During this time the Library was temporarily housed in the SVM Library to continue its services.

In 2006, the library was transferred in the Gabaldon Building wherein the location is more strategic. Procurement of additional furniture and fixtures were given emphasis for conducive learning.

After three long years of rehabilitation, the Library is at home in its own building in October 10, 2011. This brought satisfaction to the ASU community and to the Library in order to maximize its services.

Ms. Bliss Gomez, College Librarian I spearheaded the the automation project of the Library from 2005 to 2011 through the Korean Overseas Volunteers (KOICA). The volunteer assisted project of KOICA was pivotal in the automation of library services.

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