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Published Researches

No. Title of Article/ResearchAuthor/sName of PublicationISSNVol. no./ Issue No.Page No.Year of PublishedNat’lInt’lRemarks
CY 2021
1Analysis of the Bachelor of Secondary Education Graduates’ Performance in the Licensure Examination for Teachers from 2009 to 2018Jahfet N. Nabayra, Ma. Lourdes I. Ilarde, Benedicta D. Repayo, Celedonia R. Hilario, Ailyn Q. Relojero, Merlyn P. Toledo, Edsel R. Ilarde, Clarita R. Tambong, Ersyl T. Biray, Jhon Rey V. LorenzoPsychology and Education 1553-693958(4)4960 – 49682021  
2Video-Based E-Module for Mathematics in Nature and Students’ Learning Experiences in a Flipped ClassroomJahfet N. NabayraJournal of Science and Mathematics Education in Southeast Asia Volume 43 2021 Released on 2021
3Deep Convolutional Neural Network Feature Extraction for Berry Trees ClassificationJolitte A. VillaruzJournal of Advances in Information Technology1798-2340Vol. 12, No. 3 2021  
4Modelong I.T.’S. S.H.O.W.T.I.M.E.: Mga kompensatoring
Tosoc, LeunamatilemeInternational Journal of Research Studies in Education2243-7703Volume 10 Number 835-472021  
5Coaching Teachers Remotely during COVID-19 Pandemic:
Perspectives and Experiences from a Developing Country
Arvin Kim A. ArnillaAUBH E-Learning Conference
Innovative Learning and Teaching: Lessons from COVID-19  2021  
6Explore Challenges of Piňa Growers in the Province of AklanArlene B. De La CruzInternational Journal of Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Studies (IJEASS) Volume 1 Number 1 (2021)30-392021  
7Local Government Unit’s Support to Educational Programs as Viewed by
the Citizens: The Case of Lezo, Aklan
Cecilia T. Reyes, Cecile O. Legaspi, Clyde G. Abayon, Tomas O. Ortega, Anna Mae C. Relingo, Mary Eden M. Teruel, and Jyanee Loi D. YeclaInternational Journal of Emerging Issues in Early Childhood Education2685-4074Volume 3 Number 1 2021  
8Worktext for the Teaching of Mother Tongue in Kindergarten in Aklan, PhilippinesArvin Kim A. ArnillaJournal of Education – Naresuan University2586-93453(1) 2021  
9Local Government Unit’s Health Services as Viewed by the Citizens of Banga, AklanJyanee Loi D. Yecla & Tomas O. OrtegaJournal of Academic Research 2545-959705:1 (2020)1-142022  
10Determining Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms of Rice Seedling Using Modified Murashige-Skoog Solution Culture TechniqueUlysses A. Cagasan, Maria Jehan P. Libre, Joel A. Cantoneros, Carmenchita M. Tumaca, Diosdado R. Santiago, Aldwin D. Pablo, & George A. HamoraThe Countryside Development Research Journal2449-4577 (online) 2408-283X (print)Vol. 8 Issue 1 2021  
11Entrepreneurial Competencies of Rural-Based University StudentsMarian Krishna M. RuzgalPsychology and Education Journal1553-6939Vol. 58 No. 5 2021  
12Innovativeness of a University: Its Implications to Individual and Organizational TransformationEmily M. ArangotePsychology and Education Journal1553-6939Vol. 58 No. 4 2021  

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