General Policies


A library card is issued upon payment to the Cashiers Office.
Lost library card must be reported immediately to the library.
Student must apply for a new library card and pay to the Cashier's Office P70.00 replacement fee.
Reissuance of library card is issued one week after the student has complied with the requirements.


All library materials to be checked out should be charged out at the circulation counter.

Library users will be required to present their library card when checking materials out.

Library users must be responsible for all items borrowed using the library card; no one is allowed to check out items other than the owner of the library card.

All library users must agree to abide by the Library's policies, including the acceptance of responsibility for overdue and replacement charges, and collection of overdue fines if incurred
fine of P5.00 per hour shall be charged for book kept over due.

A fine of P10.00 per hour shall be charged for every Reserve book.

A fine of P5.00 per hour shall be charged for periodicals and other non-print materials.

All fines must be paid directly to the Cashiers Office.

Mutilation of library materials is an offensive case; the offender will be asked to replace the book or shall be charged the price of the book as determined by the library based on the current market price of the book, periodicals and other library documents.

First Offense: Fine and suspension of borrowing privileges for three days.

Second Offense: Fine and suspension of borrowing privileges for one week.

Third Offense: Subject to the Code of Discipline for students.

A lost or badly damaged book must be reported immediately by the library user.

It shall be either replaced with a current/latest edition of the same title or paid base on the current market price within a month from due date. Failure to replace or pay the book within the given period may result in the suspension of the borrowing privileges of the library user. If a book is declared lost during the scheduled signing of clearances, the library has the right to refuse neither sign nor accept promissory notes to avoid further inconveniences in the future.

Non-compliance with the policies set by library is ground for suspension of all library privileges.

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