News and Higlights

       College of Teacher Education

       Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English

  1. ICOTANIM, Sharlyn Jean Q.         1.62   Cum Laude
  2. CUADRANTE, Maybel C.              1.63   Cum Laude
  3. KABINGUE, Sheena S.                 1.73   Cum Laude
  4. ORARIO, Cristel Ann R.                1.73   Cum Laude
  5. JIMENEA, Avegail Z.                     1.74   Cum Laude
  6. CABICO, Rose Anne Joy R.          1.75   Cum Laude

       Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in Social Studies

  1. NABOR, Mabini S.                   1.48   Magna Cum Laude
  2. PANAGSAGAN, Dave C.         1.69  Cum Laude
  3. RELIMBO, Karen B.                 1.69  Cum Laude
  4. JULAO, Niño Patrick C.            1.73  Cum Laude


       Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in Physical Science

  1. BADIANA, Arthur Jr. F.               1.58  Cum Laude
  2. ALVANCES, Jonathan F.            1.59  Cum Laude
  3. PANTOJA, Kiessel C.                 1.61  Cum Laude
  4. INAWASAN, Rocky G.                1.62  Cum Laude
  5. DELA CRUZ, Luige A.                1.70  Cum Laude


       Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in Mathematics

  1. MANZON, Viviamin Rose C.       1.51   Cum Laude
  2. CRISPINO, Ma. Lobanelle T.       1.60   Cum Laude
  3. PATRICIO, Lesette A.                  1.63   Cum Laude
  4. TAMBONG, Christian F.               1.63   Cum Laude
  5. CANDIDO, Sheralle M.                1.66   Cum Laude
  6. TRAJE, Jane Ann T.                     1.68   Cum Laude
  7. DULLAVIN, Angelo C.                  1.69   Cum Laude
  8. RECIDORO, Christ Le Hera         1.70   Cum Laude
  9. ZUBIAGA, Psyche Janine G.        1.71   Cum Laude
  10. TUMACA, Donavie P.                  1.73   Cum Laude
  11. CRISPINO, Noreen Joy V.           1.73  Cum Laude
  12. DICHOSON, Aimie Mae E.          1.73  Cum Laude
  13. FEDERIZO, Anna Mae E.            1.74  Cum Laude
  14. NARRAL, Berna Gale N.              1.75  Cum Laude


       College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Environmental Sciences

       Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with Specialization
       in Agricultural Extension

  1. ROBERTO, Ronel D.             1.48   Magna Cum Laude


       Bachelor of Science in Forestry

  1. MORALES, Jea-Ann A.          1.59   Cum Laude
  2. DIMAS, Rea S.                       1.62   Cum Laude
  3. DELA CRUZ, Cherry A.          1.70   Cum Laude
  4. ROLA, Jane Iris I.                    1.73  Cum Laude
  5. RICO, Shenna L.                     1.75  Cum Laude

       Bachelor of Science in Home Technology

  1. TORDA, Kamaine M.              1.67  Cum Laude


       Diploma in Agricultural Technology

  1. DELA CRUZ, Janine S.           1.74  With Honors

       School of Management Sciences

       Bachelor in Office Information Management

  1. DELA CRUZ, Jocelle Marie         1.56  Cum Laude
  2. FERNANDEZ, Rikki Mae             1.66  Cum Laude
  3. MARTIZANO, Jessica                  1.74  Cum Laude
  4. ARCENIO, Razyndyll R.               1.75  Cum Laude


      Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

  1. TOLENTINO, Pearl Jam                 1.53  Cum Laude
  2. RENTINO, Cesar                            1.54  Cum Laude
  3. VIRAY, Rose Jean                           1.56  Cum Laude
  4. TANA, Ma. Marie Fosa                    1.57  Cum Laude
  5. PRADO, Sherrydy Liza                    1.65  Cum Laude
  6. REYES, Thezer Mae                       1.67   Cum Laude
  7. CRISPINO, Charone Grace             1.69  Cum Laude
  8. DELA CRUZ, Devie Mae                  1.69  Cum Laude
  9. NASA-AN, Roselle                           1.69   Cum Laude
  10. MELANIO, Mylene                         1.70   Cum Laude
  11. OPENA, Resyl                                1.73   Cum Laude
  12. PABLO, Shiela                                1.74  Cum Laude
  13. GALLARDO, Ma. Teresa                 1.75  Cum Laude


      Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
      Major in Marketing Management

  1. NICOLAS, Zeus Bryan                      1.66   Cum Laude
  2. VINLUAN, Vanessa                           1.71   Cum Laude


      Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
      Major in Financial Management

  1. PASTRANA, Jalyn                             1.58   Cum Laude
  2. Villanueva, Mary Joy                         1.65   Cum Laude
  3. BORIBOR, Dianne Marie                  1.66    Cum Laude
  4. MENDOZA, Zandra                           1.72    Cum Laude

      School of Arts and Sciences

       Bachelor of Arts in English

  1. FERNANDO, Princess Grace Alvarez       1.59 Cum Laude
  2. TALADRO, Lennie R.                                 1.65 Cum Laude
  3. DAVID, Ronalyn                                         1.74 Cum Laude
  4. DELA ROSA, Joanha Marie                       1.74 Cum Laude
  5. VILLARUEL, Aubrey Janssen                    1.75 Cum Laude


        Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  1. TINGGA, Resheil Kathryn G.              1.69  Cum Laude
  2. IBEA, Christian Jay I.                          1.71  Cum Laude

iwag awardee picture

Congratulations to Zeus Bryan V. Nicolas of the Aklan State University EAMIGAS Publication for bringing home the IWAG AWARD 2017, an outstanding student campus journalist in Western Visayas given by the Philippines Information Agency Region 6.

    Department of Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel F. Piñol convened for a dialogue in “TAPATAN: Gobyerno Kag Pumuluyo” attended by the Local Government Units and farmers and fisherfolks from the different municipalities of Aklan, March 15, 2017 at the Aklan State University, Banga, Aklan.

Manny2DA Secretary Manny Piñol in a dialogue. Photo by Erlyn Rodrigo/M&E Office

    The dialogue was brought by the Duterte Administration to support farmers and fisherfolks with their Agri-Fisheries livelihood.

     Secretary Piñol and party was welcomed by ASU President, Dr. Danilo E. Abayon, Executive Regional Director Department of Agriculture Region VI, Engr. Remelyn R. Recoter and the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) Region VI Center Director, Dr. Eden D. Bautista together with Hon. Erlinda M. Maming, Banga Municipality Mayor.


Picture 1. (from center to right)  Dr. Vim I. Samonte; Dr. Arnel Ibadlit and Ms. Richel Ang; ;GAD Focal Person Prof. Luzviminda Medina; Medical and Dental Clinice Staff and Selected Nursing Students;(from Center to left) VP for Administration Dr. Anna Mae C. Relingo; Planning Officer Prof. Edilberto Solidum; OSA Coordinator Prof. Florefis Giganan;  Curriculum and Instruction Director Dr. Arvin Kim Arnilla; Director of Finance Services Dr. Remedios M. Marabe and ; ICT OIC Director Prof. Louie G. Garcia.

ASU-Banga Conducts Heart and Oral Health Month Celebration

                Aklan State University-Banga conducted a heart and oral health month celebration themed “Ngiti at Tibok ng Puso mo Okay ba Ngayong Pebrero?” at ASU Review Center, February 16, 2017.

                The event specifically promotes awareness on hypertension, heart disease, and oral health. The invited resource speaker Dr. Vim I. Samonte, a licensed cardiologist, discussed about proper and basic routines, diet, and check-ups to commit a healthy heart and he quoted, “Yung heart nagre-rest din yan…”  the same way Dr. Kay I. Dela Cruz, a licensed Medical Dentist, spoke about the basic sanitation to oral health.

                The event also provided freebies to all attendees like, free relaxation massage, BP check-up, and Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) taking throughout the program.

                The success of this event is through the teaming-up of the Medical and Dental Clinic and the GAD Focal Person.


    Picture 2. Free relaxation massage to all the attendees.   


Picture 3. During the forum of Dr. Vim I. Samonte.


  Picture 4. Dr. Anna Mae C. Relingo awarding the certificate of   appreciation to Dr. Vim I. Samonte.      


Picture 5. Dr. Anna Mae C. Relingo awarding the certificate of appreciation to Dr. Kay I. Dela Cruz.




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